Freelance Designer - 2023 Fundraiser Promotional Graphics

Barefoot Shakespeare Company is a 501(C)(3) that does an annual fundraiser called Unrehearsed to raise profits for their season.
Actors are provided a script and have 30 days to learn their lines. They are not permitted to rehearse together and there is no director.

Their 2023 Unrehearsed fundraiser was a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. I made all the graphical components that were used on the event’s web page, social media, and printed posters signed by the cast.

Established Various Design Looks

After researching the play, it was decided that having various designs for the company to post would be ideal as it would allow for the graphics to stand out online. I designed 7 different graphics, which included wedding invitations for the 3 couples in the play.

As the podcast began to grow a listener base, the group sought out a refresh of the brand identity that would appear more professional, but capture the casual identity of the show they have formed over the years. Color elements were borrowed from the original identity and used as the groundwork of the new identity.

Social Media

The graphics I designed were converted into square shapes and long rectangle shapes for social media posts and Facebook cover photos, in order to advertise the two performance dates.

Company Website

In addition to the social media posts, the company used the graphics on their company website.

Cast Reveal Cards

Social media graphics were designed to reveal who each member of the cast was playing. To differentiate between the tho performance dates, the color was changed. in addition to the date noted

Show Posters

A poster was printed for each performance, which was signed by the cast and given away to an audience member as part of a raffle prize.

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